Residential Range Hood

Residential Range Hood

Model: CXW-150-T90
Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2
Motor power: 153W

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Residential Range Hood


Model: CXW-150-T90

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2

Motor power: 153W

Diameter of exhaust pip: 180mm

Maximum air flow: 24m³/min

Maximum wind pressure: 400pa

Noise level(SPL): 52dB

Net Weight: 25kg

Product Size: 900×505×640mm



1. Mute range hood

It offers you a quiet cooking experience, noise is less than 54 dB, as if in a library.

2. Super suction

The average suction is 21 m3/min and the high wind pressure in 408Pa. When you touch the stir fried button, the suction can be high to 24 m3/min. Smoke zero escape.

3. Innovative oil network

Inspired from Chinese traditional building, this oil network is 39CM ultra-wide to absorb the smoke and filter fumes. With the 98.5% highly oil separation, very few oil can be sucked into the range hood, you don't have to worry about the inner cleaning at all.

4. Intelligent Control System

Intelligent control system,16 variable-speed selections, easy to cope with a variety of cooking methods.

Packing and Weight:



Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)

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Instructions for Cleaning and maintenance:

1.Clean the shell and the smoke chamber when you finish cooking.

2.Regularly clean the net mask component, please unplug the power plug before cleaning. Please use neutral detergent and soft cloth to scrub, do not use hard objects to scrape, wipe the body and parts to prevent damage to the rust layer. Be careful not to allow water to enter the body, do not pull the electrical connection.

3.When you clean the impeller, please remove the trim cover, air guide and other related components first. Model F5, F6 ,F8 should be removed the air guide plate, and then loosen the impeller lock nut, remove the impeller(be careful not to let impeller forced or knocked which will cause deformation), immersed in the detergent. After clean and dry, install the components carefully.

4.Please turn off the power when replace the light and follow the instruction manual.

5.If the power supply cord is damaged, please use the special power supply cord of the manufacturer and contact the manufacturer or professional personnel to replace it.

6.Please keep the motor and all the electrical parts away from water.

7.Do not use gasoline, acid, benzene, solvents or any other chemical to clean range hood.

8.Do not allow stains to stay on the surface of the hood for too long.

9.When the fan is working, please don't clean the hood or put your hands into the operation area.

10.Cleaning oil cup: hold the both end of the oil cup and pull out gently, pour off the oil, clean the oil tank and re-install into the oil sump.


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