Overhead Range Hood

Overhead Range Hood

Model: CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D12
Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2
Motor power: 218W

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Overhead Range Hood


Model: CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D12

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2

Motor power: 218W

Diameter of exhaust pip: 180mm

Maximum air flow: 20m³/min

Maximum wind pressure: 345pa

Noise level(SPL): 54dB

Net Weight: 25kg

Product Size: 900×468×681mm


* Maximum air flow: 20m³/min of suction keeps fumes and other unwanted smells at bay and out of your home.

* Touch-friendly controls

* LCD display

* An extra-large mesh filter is installed to aid in trapping grease

* LED lights add extra illumination at night.

* Baffle Filter with Stainless Steel Surface


Packing and Weight:


CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D12

Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)

Container Loading (pcs)


Guidelines for Troubleshooting

Please make sure to turn off the power when abnormal conditions are found.




Suction is not strong

1. Installation is too high

2. The kitchen air convection is too strong

3. Duct is too long

4. The outdoor wind is too strong

5. Oil filer plate or impeller stock too much oil

6. Motor speed decreases

1. To install to the appropriate position

2. Adjust the window

3. Change the position of the cooking stove, shorten the duct length

4. Change the direction of the outlet

5. Clean the screen or impeller

6. Replace the motor and capacitor

Motor does not work

1.The power plug is not tightened

2.Over-temperature protection

3.Capacitor damage

4.The motor burns out or stuck

1.Plug the plug

2.After cooling it can be used normally

3.Replace Capacitor

4.Replace the motor

The body vibrates obviously

1.The main unit is not firm

2.The impeller shaft fixing nut is loose

3.Impeller installation is not in the right place

4.The motor mounting screw is loose

5.Impeller damage to be deformation

1. Tighten the hanging plate screws

2. Tighten the impeller nut

3. Impeller installed in place, tighten the impeller nut

4. Tighten the motor mounting screws

5. Adjust or replace the impeller


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