Contemporary Range Hood

Contemporary Range Hood

Model: CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D11
Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz
Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2
Motor power: 218W

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Contemporary Range Hood


Model: CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D11

Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz

Illumination power: ≤1.5W×2

Motor power: 218W

Diameter of exhaust pip: 180mm

Maximum air flow: 20m³/min

Maximum wind pressure: 345pa

Noise level(SPL): 54dB

Net Weight: 25kg

Product Size: 900×468×681mm


1.No fumes kitchen with clean air.

2.No noise kitchen

when you turn to the minimum air volume, all you can hear is the sound of the   water boiling.

3.Good quality panel

High temperature resistance and anti deformation

4.Multi-layer wire drawing craft, always look like new.

5.Easy to clean oil cup

Packing and Weight:


CXW-218-3A Stainless Steel D11

Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)

Container Loading (pcs)


Installation Procedure (Please refer to the installation diagram)

1, Open the hole of the exhaust pipe: choose the row of the position of the exhaust tube and drill a hole in larger diameter than the exhaust pipe 5-10mm on the wall.

2, Install the hook: According to the installation diagram, drill four Ф8mm, 50mm deep holes, put the expansion plug into the hole, fixed rack with wood screws.

3, Install the main unit: Firstly, install the check valve on the outlet, then hang the machine on the hook, ensure that the hanging is stable and not tilted. Install the anti-slip off device on both sides of decorative cover.

4, Install the exhaust pipe: put one end of the exhaust pipe through the pipe out of the hole, connected to the outdoor or public flue, and then connected the other end of the exhaust pipe to the check valve. Fixed the exhaust pipe on the check valve with the random brought two self-tapping screws.

5, Note: Do not fasten the screw tightening over, if the self-tapping screw into the check valve or check valve deformation, the valve will not open, affecting the exhaust.

Plug the power cord into a receptacle and solid ground wire.




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