Range Hood
The range hood is divided into deep, sub-deep, thin, European, and close-range according to the structure; according to the washing and disassembling method: it is divided into disassembly and wash-off, easy to remove and wash, automatic washing and disassembling, etc. It is generally considered that the first-generation, easy-to-removal and wash-off is the first The second generation, automatic cleaning is the third generation range hood; according to the way of oil absorption, the side suction type and the direct suction type. The panel of the range hood is made of cold-rolled steel plate coated with plastic, stainless steel, plastic and ceramic.
The current range can be divided into European, Chinese and near-suction (side suction). The Chinese formula can be divided into thin and simple. In the simple type, it is divided into deep and sub-deep types. The number of motors and wind wheels can be divided: two-machine and single-machine (ie double-barrel and single-cylinder). It can be divided by suction: top suction and side suction (including oblique suction). From the stoppage and draining method, it can be divided into double oil road and three oil road (air chamber drain oil, protective cover drain oil and air transport drain oil). The structure of the smoke collecting chamber is divided into a single layer (three oil road), a double inner inner type (double oil circuit), a near suction type, also called a side suction type and the like.
The thin range hood is light in weight, small in size and easy to hang, but its thin design and low motor power make a considerable part of the cooking fumes not to be included in the suction range, and have the opportunity to escape indoors, and the smoke exhaust rate is significantly lower than that. The other two types of models.
Therefore, most consumers do not consider this type when purchasing a range hood. If your kitchen wall is thin (non-load-bearing wall), you can't hold the weight of the deep-type range hood, and because of the limitation of the kitchen layout, you can't install the cabinet-type range hood, then the thin-type range hood is your ideal choice.
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Kitchen Cooker Hood

Kitchen Cooker Hood

Model: CXW-218-C58
Control Method: Mechanical Switch
Illumination Power: ≤1.5W×2
Motor Power: 218W
Air Flow: 18m³/min

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