Wall Mount Range Hood

Wall Mount Range Hood

Model: 3AC
Maximum Wind Pressure: 220pa
Noise Level: ≤68dB
Max Static Pressure: 300Pa

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Product Details

Wall Mount Range Hood


Model: 3AC

Maximum Wind Pressure: 220pa

Noise Level: ≤68dB

Max Static Pressure: 300Pa

Product Size: 900×520×596mm


Innovative appearance, elegant & luxury

It has the innovative appearance design, adopts the leading numerical control manufacturing process, without oil leakage, highlighting strength, with high-strength transparent tempered glass, which has deep and solid, breaks through the tradition and has European customs, leading the fashion trend of range hood.

Large air volume and strong suction

Using the principle of air negative pressure dynamics, optimizing the design of the air duct, as well as using high-power motor, which create strong suction and completely such the smoke.

Ultra-low noise

It uses the principle of aerodynamics, unique fan system design, using ball-bearing motors, with multi-blade centrifugal rotors, and works smoothly and quietly.

Circuit control system

The use of novel and simple switches, elegant fashion, fast motor, slow dual-speed adjustment, simple and convenient operation.

Easy to clean

The unique design of oil-proof holes on all four sides ensures the full absorption of lampblack, and also ensures that the oil does not spill out, so that the oil flows smoothly to the oil cup and is easy to clean.

LED cold light, energy saving and environmental protection

The use of bright and energy-saving LED cold light class, more suitable for modern home kitchen decoration, and the use of energy-saving cold shaking technology make it has long life and soft brightness.

Humanized design concept

It has the classic European style, top suction structure, ultra-deep set hood of good cage smoke effect, conveniently in cleaning the oil cup, with double cone net, which ensures that no oil spillage, with automatic cleaning, heating with deoiling function, allowing you to enjoy the benefits.



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