Single Wall Oven

Single Wall Oven

Model: KQC80-A1
Rated Voltage: 220V
Capacity: 80L
Product Size: 595*595*550mm
Installation Size(Embed): 600*600*605mm

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Single Wall Oven

Kitchen Gas Stove


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Model: KQC80-A1

Rated Voltage: 220V

Capacity: 80L

Product Size: 595*595*550mm

Installation Size(Embed): 600*600*605mm

Installation Size(External): 565*580*560mm



Versatile, with the following features:

1, fast heat

The heat comes from the heating element behind the fan liner and above the liner, which is 30% faster than standard baking preheat. Fast-food is ideal for pre-cooked frozen foods: appetizer noodles, pizza, snacks, meat fillings and fruitcakes, just put them in the oven for heating; cooking in the upper part of the oven the best.

2, wind baking

The heat comes from the components around the fan, and the fan drives the hot air to circulate in the cavity. You can bake the food in different positions in the oven and use this function faster than baking. Description: Different colors after baking, it is normal.

3, baking

The heat comes from two parts, one above the food and one under the food (ie below the oven laminate). Both are controlled by a thermostat, and the temperature is set to keep the set temperature when it is turned on. You can use this function to grill single-plate biscuits, scones, small sponge cakes, cakes, meat slices, steamers to support food, and baking. Pudding, and crispy quiche.

4, the bottom heating

The heat is from the bottom of the food (ie below the bottom of the oven) and the heating element is controlled by the thermostat, and keeping it off when it is turned on will increase the brownness of the bottom of the pizza, pie, and pastry.

5, thaw

The defrosting function is realized by the fan driving the circulation of the low-temperature air, and the food can be defrosted (defrosted) before being baked. The defrosting function can also be used to improve the fermentation of the dough and to dry fruits, vegetables and wild vegetables.

6, fan grilling

The heat comes from two heating elements above the liner, giving you both baking and regular roasting. When the furnace door is closed, the fan circulates hot air, and when the heating element is turned on, the set temperature is adjusted when the heating element is turned on, and the large piece of meat baked has the effect similar to the rotating barbecue. Place the food on the penultimate grill, place the baking tray on the stump, and do not need to reverse the food during the roasting.

7, barbecue

The radiant heat of the upper heating element is directed to the food for roasting tender meat, steak, cheesecake and other fast-burning foods. The oven door is closed and the grill is preheated for 3 minutes.

8, strong barbecue

The heat radiated simultaneously by the upper two heating elements is directed onto the food. Make full use of the advantages of the large grill basin area to roast tender meat, sausages, snacks and other fast-burning foods, and the roasting speed is faster than normal. Close the oven door and burn it. It is better to preheat the grill for 3 minutes.

9, cooling / ventilation fan

The built-in electric oven is equipped with a cooling fan. As long as the temperature inside the box exceeds 90 ° C, it will run, blowing hot air through the top of the oven door, and even if the oven is turned off, the fan will run to cool the oven.



COMPANY PROFILE                         



found in 1992, we are a global top gas appliance supplier and service customers 

all over the world!

    We try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

    HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which 

includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover 

HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent 

intellectual, property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

    Being familiar with different country's national conditions and public sentiment 

HIONE pays high attention to quality and always adhere to promote the creation 

of high quality, efficient, energy saving appliances to the consumers.


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Q: Who are we?

A: HIONE is a reliable brand supporter, owing 26 years’ experience on designing, developing, 

and producing gas hob、range hood and gas boiler etc kitchen appliance.

Q: What can we do for you?

A: OEM service: order based on our existing models. ODM service: we can develop the product 

according to your idea.


Q: What’s our policy on warranty?

A: All of which will pass strict inspection before delivery. The warranty period of complete product is 

1 years, 1% damageable spare parts will be supplied along with container order. We can provide 

components for maintenance at any time.


Q: What is our MOQ?

A: For trial order, 50pcs/models is acceptable, For repeat order, 100pcs/model.


Q: What is our payment term?

A: T/T, 30% as deposit in advance, the balance before shipment; Irrevocable L/C at sight; 


Q: What is our delivery time?

A: 7~10 days for sample order; 30~35 days for regular order.

You can also contact us directly      

Contact:        Mr Ben Liang

Skype:           ben36997

Whatsapp:     +86 13411614521

Wechat:        13411614521

QQ:               570427198


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