Built In Electric Oven

Built In Electric Oven

Model: KQC80-A2
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 2600W
Capacity: 80L
Price: $89-189

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Built In Electric Oven


Model: KQC80-A2

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 2600W

Capacity: 80L

Product Size: 595*595*550mm

Installation Size(Embed): 600*600*605mm

Installation Size(External): 565*580*560mm


1. Panel introduction

Before you start using the electric oven, please connect the power supply first.




① temperature display area

② time display area

③open key

④ menu button

⑤confirmation button

⑥time adjustment button

⑦ temperature adjustment button

⑧ screen lock button

⑨function display area

⑩rotating bake indicator icon


2. Operation

1). Turn on the power

Press and hold the key for 2 seconds to turn on the machine. At this time, the time, temperature, and working mode icons flash simultaneously (default value), and are in an adjustable state;

2). Function selection

Touch the menu button, each function will flash (cycle) in turn. When the desired function is selected, touch the confirm button and the oven is working.

3). Time setting

The working time can be adjusted by one time per touch time, which can be increased by 1 minute (long press, quick adjustment), and the time can be set arbitrarily between 5 and 90 minutes. After setting the working time, touch the confirmation button and the oven will start working.

4). Temperature setting

After selecting the function, before the confirmation key is pressed, the displayed temperature is the default cooking temperature, and the cooking temperature can be adjusted by one time per touch temperature, the temperature is increased by 1 °C (long press, quick adjustment), cooking The temperature can be set arbitrarily between 50-230 ° C. When the cooking temperature is set, touch the confirmation button to enter the working state;

5). Rotary roasting function selection

The oven works in any cooking mode. Just touch the menu button and the rotary grill motor will work to achieve the rotary roasting function. When you want to cancel, just touch the menu button.

6). Screen lock button

In any state after the power is turned on, press the screen lock button for 2 seconds, the oven will be in the screen lock state, and you can't make any settings for it. Only press and hold the screen lock button for 2 seconds, and then reset and operate after unlocking;

7). Adjust settings

If the oven is working, you want to change the set function, time or cooking temperature. The method is to touch the confirmation button. The function, time and cooking temperature flash at the same time. It can be adjusted. You can set the oven again. Description

8). Shutdown

When the working time is over, there will be a second beep prompt, and the heating will stop automatically. The heating and shutdown can be stopped manually in the middle. There are two ways. One is to directly touch the key for 2 seconds, the oven will be shut down; First touch the confirmation button, let the oven stop heating, then press and hold the key for 2 seconds to shut down.

Note: The cooling fan works without human control. As long as the internal temperature of the oven is higher than 90 °C, even if you turn off the electric oven, it will work continuously when the power is turned on to protect the relevant parts of the oven.

COMPANY PROFILE                         



found in 1992, we are a global top gas appliance supplier and service customers 

all over the world!

    We try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

    HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which 

includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover 

HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent 

intellectual, property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

    Being familiar with different country's national conditions and public sentiment 

HIONE pays high attention to quality and always adhere to promote the creation 

of high quality, efficient, energy saving appliances to the consumers.


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Packing and Weight:                     



Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)


Gross Weight (kg)


Net Weight (kg)


Container Loading (pcs)




Q: Who are we?

A: HIONE is a reliable brand supporter, owing 26 years’ experience on designing, developing, 

and producing gas hob、range hood and gas boiler etc kitchen appliance.

Q: What can we do for you?

A: OEM service: order based on our existing models. ODM service: we can develop the product 

according to your idea.


Q: What’s our policy on warranty?

A: All of which will pass strict inspection before delivery. The warranty period of complete product is 

1 years, 1% damageable spare parts will be supplied along with container order. We can provide 

components for maintenance at any time.


Q: What is our MOQ?

A: For trial order, 50pcs/models is acceptable, For repeat order, 100pcs/model.


Q: What is our payment term?

A: T/T, 30% as deposit in advance, the balance before shipment; Irrevocable L/C at sight; 


Q: What is our delivery time?

A: 7~10 days for sample order; 30~35 days for regular order.

You can also contact us directly      

Contact:        Mr Ben Liang

Skype:           ben36997

Whatsapp:     +86 13411614521

Wechat:        13411614521

QQ:               570427198

Mail:              sales1@huowang.com.cn

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