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Three Principles Teach You To Choose A Electric Water Heater
- May 17, 2018 -

Electric water heater is also popular in recent years, and it can be installed and used without considering the gas pipeline problem, but its equipment aging is very easy to occur electric shock accidents, and energy consumption has always been criticized by consumers. The rise of air energy water heater is regarded as the trend of the development of the future water heater, but the cost is too high because of the technological bottleneck. Gas water heater has obvious advantages, high power, large amount of water, that is, there is no need to wait, can provide continuous hot water, and the use cost is relatively low. With the continuous improvement of the process, the problem of carbon monoxide poisoning that consumers are most worried about can be solved, gas water heater is a good choice.

Usually, when we choose the gas water heater, we mainly consider the safety, convenience and practicability of the product. Then we will analyze the current market gas water heater from these three angles. The safety of gas water heater mainly refers to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by improper use. Secondly, we need to see the convenience of gas water heaters. The gas water heater adopts the intelligent double broadband and constant temperature system, and it is convenient to use water at any time for 24 hours. And temperature changes can be better controlled, avoiding the phenomenon of cold and hot in use. For the purchase of gas water heater, it is important to consider whether the safety device is available and reliable, such as the extinguishing protection, the water overpressure protection, the anti dry burning safety protection, the antifreeze protection, the high precision electronic water temperature and the water flow sensor and so on, which determines the heat exchange efficiency and the life length of the water heater.