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Safety Precautions For The Use Of Gas Water Heater
- May 17, 2018 -

1. Is the pipe of a water heater straight or abducted?

The ideal state is to turn a bend and go straight, but when the environment can not be realized, as long as the total length is not more than 10 meters (a bend is equal to 2 meters), in other words, if a bend is taken, the length is not more than 8 meters long; if the turning two turns, the length is not more than 6 meters; if the turning three turns, the length does not exceed 4 meters.

2. How does a multistage water heater adjust the temperature? Why is the water temperature not coming out?

Multistage water heaters are not tempered. They can only fire at constant heating. The adjustment temperature of multistage water heater is realized by adjusting the amount of water discharge. The larger the water output is, the lower the effluent temperature is, the less the water output is, the higher the water temperature is.

3. What accessories are there in the water heater packing box? If you need to install them and use them normally, what accessories do you need?

The accessories in the water heater package can refer to the manual of the water heater. Besides the instructions, swelled tubes and wooden screws, there is a pipe joint, a pipe, and 2 glassy tubes. Installation also requires intake pipe, gas ball valve and inlet valve. According to the actual situation of the user's home, there may be a need for booster pumps, three links, long smoke exhaust straight (curved) pipes and so on.

4. Can the water heater vent pipe be used in the common smoke pipe?

In order to use safety, it can not be used in common smoke pipe, because the water heater produces a large amount of exhaust gas CO in the work. It is very dangerous to cause the exhaust gas to be discharged to other users' homes and other users if they are in the public smoke pipe.