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Method For Changing Liquefied Gas Stove Into Natural Gas Gas Stove
- May 17, 2018 -

First, change the nozzle: before replacing the nozzle, we must first understand the local gas source. It is the oil field gas (12T) or the natural gas or air mixture. If it is air mixture, we must know the proportion of the air mixture clearly. Generally speaking, the ratio of liquefied petroleum gas (42%~48%) is between 10T and nozzle and valve core hole, and between the LPG 49%~55% and the 12T nozzle and spool.

Two, adjust the spool hole, different valve core adjustment method is not the same. Import valve body adjustment: using a special screwdriver to insert adjustment from the center of the stem to make the outer ring fire to be the most hot 1/3~1/2, and the thermocouple in 15 minutes can not be extinguished; the home-made valve adjustment: the position of the screw is adjusted to the bottom in the lower right corner of the stem or the center of the valve stem, and the inner ring fire is adjusted, the flame is the maximum. About 1/3~1/2, and the thermal couple in 15 minutes can not be extinguished.

Three. Air tightness. Tightness is related to safety. Common detection areas are inlet interface, valve inlet, valve outlet and nozzle connection.

Four, adjust the door, can not have the flame, yellow fire phenomenon, cold state, 5 minutes after the pan, the flame away from the fire hole is not more than 1/4; if the air mixture, the air door should be as small as possible.