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How To Clean The Range Hood
- May 17, 2018 -

The hood is a must-have appliance in the kitchen and can absorb a lot of fumes when cooking. However, hoods are also the appliances that are most likely to be covered with soot. If the hood is not cleaned with oil after a long time, it can easily affect the degreasing effect of the hood. Then, we will introduce the clean hood technology to easily remove soot stains.

First, net bamboo scraping method

The oil net protecting the blade of the fan can be slowly removed by a screwdriver, sprayed with "oil fume net", put it in a plastic bag, put it in a plastic bag for 15 minutes, and take it out after it is poured into a hot water of 80°C, and carefully clean it with a rag. . If the grease on the oil net is very thick, you can also use a thin bamboo scraper to scrape off a part of the grease and clean it.

Second, hair dryer heating method

1, using a hot air hair dryer against the oil blowing about 20 seconds!

2, then use a scouring pad dipped in detergent, wipe the greasy place. After the oil was blown by the hot air of the hair dryer, it became softer and wiped more.

3, blowing a part, rub a part, you can easily wipe off the oil. If you want to wipe where you blow, even the edge of the corner, the groove can be blown to the place, of course, can also clean.

4, most people use the hood to wipe the hood with a lot of detergent, have to constantly change a lot of water, with this coup, you can use very little detergent and water will be able to wipe the aging oil clean. With the hair dryer, you don't have to worry about the kitchen's aging oil.

Third, leaf vinegar soaking method

Carefully remove the fan blade, soak it in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 ml of detergent and 50 ml of vinegar, soak for about 1 minute, and then scrub with a clean rag. The fuselage of the hood is also cleaned with this solution. Care should be taken to maintain the solution humidity at around 60°. Detergency is good. This self-aligning cleaning solution proved to be non-irritating to the hand and intraocular mucosa, without corrosion to the hood, and the cleaning surface was thrown to maintain its original luster.

Fourth, plastic bottle spray method

1. Take a plastic bottle (various beverage bottles that can be pinched by hand), poke a dozen holes in the bottle cap with a needle, and add detergent and appropriate amount of warm water to shake.

2, start the range hood, with full of detergent bottles to spray the parts to be cleaned, you will see the oil and dirty water into the oil storage tank, with the full fall.

3, the bottle of washing water to use up to continue to fill up, repeatedly washing the hood until the water into the tank becomes clear. Depending on the degree of oil contamination, generally 3 bottles will be cleaned.

4. If there is a net cover outside the fan blade, it would be better to get the net cover flushing effect.

5. Wipe the area around the suction port with the rag, the surface of the housing and around the lampshade.