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How To Choose The Kitchen Stove That Suits You
- May 17, 2018 -

The overall environmental quality of our country is declining, and the choice of home kitchen stoves is particularly important. How do consumers choose the stoves that suit their families?

First, the level of firepower: choose to meet the Chinese die-cast aluminum burner, its detailed organization, high precision, more scientific combustion structure, thermal efficiency of up to more than half.

Second, Europe and the United States style of the upper wind design: Beyond the traditional, completely on the wind design, the air required for combustion all supplied by the panel above, more advanced, full combustion.

Third, automatic ion flameout protection: Detection of abnormal use will automatically turn off within 1 second, allowing users to be more secure, rest assured.

Fourth, the direction of scientific environmental protection: The current environmental issues have become the main problem, so the scientific design structure can ensure that gas is fully burned, suburban areas can inhibit the generation of harmful gases, and ensure a good family environment.