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How To Buy A Good Range Hood
- May 17, 2018 -

Range hoods are now a very common kitchen appliance. It depends not only on appearance and function, but also on performance. So what are the considerations for choosing a range hood?

1. Must-see performance parameters: exhaust air volume, air pressure, noise, safety performance

So how do you see these four parameters? In general, the greater the amount of wind, the more quickly and timely drain the kitchen soot. Therefore, when we select the range hood, when the other indicators are good, we choose the largest value of air volume as possible. The greater the wind pressure, the stronger the ability to resist the wind, and the more it can discharge fumes. The noise value is of course as small as possible, the standard value is not more than 74db. Safety performance, range hood as a household appliance product, safety is the most important performance index, so it should pass the national CCC mandatory product certification.

2, cavity design is very important

The importance of the interior design of the range hood can not be ignored, on the one hand to be as seamless as possible, easy to clean, but also to protect the circuit, so that the various lines can work normally under the strong corrosion conditions of soot, not Corroded. The seamless design inside the cavity is not only seamless in the cavity, but also the small face that is parallel to the stove top can be seamless, and at the same time, the oil mesh and the inner cavity should also be made to be “invisible seamless”. ".

3, the panel material is very important

In fact, the hood material is very important, imagine, a range hood, every day to contact all kinds of soot, spices and other acid-base corrosion, may not be visible in the short term, but half a year or so later will occur such as fading Problems such as fumes and fumes. If the wire is corroded, the wire will be short-circuited and the motor will be burned. To identify the panel material, you only need to use the magnet to test it. If you can suck it, it must be a general inferior alloy or iron. The steel material cannot be sucked.

4, choose the credibility of the protection of the business

After the hood is used, it will inevitably lead to some problems. At this time, the after-sales service of the merchant is very important. Therefore, although we do not have to choose a big brand when purchasing, we must guarantee the credibility of the business. , to avoid follow-up problems can not be resolved. Shangdi Smart Kitchen & Kitchen promises a five-year warranty and strives to be a trusted brand.

In addition to the above points, when choosing a range hood, you also need to make a choice based on your own situation in consideration of other aspects such as cleaning, price, etc., so that you can choose a suitable range hood to create a comfortable and elegant kitchen. All in all, when we buy a range hood, we need to keep a few more eyes and choose only the right ones, not the most expensive ones.