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Guidebook For Gas Hob Selection
- May 17, 2018 -

1, logo: when you tell the salesman your home gas category, they will take you to see the corresponding gas range of stove, at this time, you can also check the product labels on the type of gas and your home is consistent with your home. If the label of suitable gas type is not found on the cooker, this cooker is definitely unqualified and must not be bought.

2, stove surface material: the kitchen surface material mainly has two kinds of stainless steel and tempered glass, the stainless steel surface material is strong, good finish, beautiful shape, but the surface finish of the surface will be worse after long term use, and the stain is difficult to clean, and it is easy to leave the impression.

3, furnace head: the main material of the furnace is stainless steel, cast iron and copper forging. Because the furnace head is barbecued by fire for a long time, it is easy to deform, so the material and thickness of the furnace head are very important, and the heavier the head is, the better the furnace head is.

4, firepower: Chinese people to cook to stir fry mainly, requires at least one furnace head is large fire, to meet the demand for explosion, that is, the general selection of heat flow from 3.6kW to 4.2kW, another fire can choose below 3.6kW, in order to steam, boil, boil soup.

5, the shape of fire cover: now the gas cooker is divided into direct fire cover and revolving fire cover according to the shape of fire cover. Generally, rotating fire cover has high heat efficiency and high concentration of firepower, and is suitable for stir frying. However, the content of carbon monoxide in rotating flue gas is easy to exceed the standard, while the direct fire cover is relatively uniform, and the carbon monoxide content in the flue gas is generally not easy to exceed the standard. Gas cooker: the latest authoritative publication of the world brand laboratory is evaluated by sales volume, technical strength, product quality and brand influence.

After reading this article on what brand gas cooker is used and the guide for gas cooker, do you have a certain understanding of it? I hope to help you.