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Gas Stove Should Pay Attention To Regular Cleaning
- May 17, 2018 -

In a relatively small space in the kitchen, old stoves burn incompletely and carbon monoxide emissions intensify. Inhalation of excessive carbon monoxide can cause dizziness, nausea and other discomfort. At the same time, the ignition valve and other parts wear, hardware aging, prone to micro-leakage, there are hidden dangers of personal safety. Be sure to replace the extended service cooker in time. If the service life of the gas stove is less than 8 years, but the gas stove is used for a long time, parts will be aged, dirt will be more, and tar and other impurities will easily accumulate in the fire lid, and odor will be generated when the gas stove is opened. Therefore, the public must clean the stove regularly, use a dry brush to clean the fire hole, make it clear, and pay attention to window ventilation.

1. Check the interface of the air supply pipe with soapy water for leaks, and if there is any crack on the rubber hose.

2. Regularly clean the fire holes on the fire cover to prevent clogging.

3. After the cooker cover is damaged, be sure to purchase the original product and not replace it arbitrarily so as not to cause poor combustion.

4. The air intake hose will be worn or damaged after long-term use, which will pose a safety hazard. Therefore, when the air intake hose is aged, it should be replaced in time. Do not use adhesive tape to stick and then continue to use it.

5. Household gas stoves must keep the air circulation in the kitchen during use. When cooking, the cooker hood can be turned on, the kitchen fumes can be sucked out, the kitchen air can be circulated, and gas poisoning can be avoided.

6. Regularly check the tightness of the air supply rubber hose, and check whether the air supply hose is sealed. In case of aging or cracks in the air supply rubber hose, gas leaks, otherwise gas poisoning may occur, and heavy fire may occur.

7. During the use of the gas stove, the gas stove top must not be easily touched by hand. Due to the high temperature of the gas stove burning, the table top will absorb some heat. During the use of the gas stove, please do not touch the stove top with your hand. Anti-scald.

8. Keep the bottom of the pot dry, so as not to drip into the gas stove hole to cause rusty plugging of the stove.

9. Observe the situation of the fire on the stove burner. If the fire is not homogeneous, the fire will not be prosperous. The old burners can be gently wiped with old brushes or steel needles, which can solve the problem of uneven lighting and low fire, ensuring that the gas stoves can work normally.

10. Can not use the grease rag to clean the gas stove burner stomata, to prevent the stove air hole is blocked, resulting in insufficient gas supply, combustion intensity is not enough, affecting the cooking effect.

11. Regularly check the gas stove switch button, the old stove is best to regularly check the hose, it is recommended to change one year, check whether it will be stuck in the rotation or rotation is not smooth. Check whether the stove is leaking, oil should be given to the switch button every six months to increase the lubrication coefficient and improve the chance of firing.

12. Check the direction of the damper to avoid air backflow. Gas stoves will produce combustion exhaust gas or unburnt gas during use. If the damper is not correct, it may cause backflow of air, the methane concentration will increase, gas poisoning will occur, and heavy fire will occur.