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Buy Water Heaters To Avoid These Places
- May 17, 2018 -

1. There is noise and noise when heating electricity

Under normal circumstances, it is normal that the sound of boiling water is slight and the teapot does not boil water. However, the noise of the electric water heater is too high. First, it may be due to the local water being too hard. Soon after it was used, there was a thick water stain on the heating pipe. This kind of buzzing sounded great, but it could eliminate the inner gallbladder; From the sound of the water pipes of the household, the water flow generated a whistling at the valve outlet. At this time, the water heater connecting pipe can be disconnected and the other water outlets can be checked and eliminated. Finally, there are also few possible heating pipes and temperature control. The vibration sound generated when the tube is in contact with the heating, if the consumer cannot solve the noise problem by himself, he can contact the customer service personnel to carry out the after-sales service.

2. There is no special leakage protector for electric water heaters, causing safety hazards

The bathroom environment is generally relatively humid, so the electricity safety of the bathroom is particularly important. If it is not safe, it will cause a safety accident. Secondly, in the process of installation, you can communicate with the installation personnel, so that they must install the leakage protection device. , If the installer suffocates, you can contact customer service personnel to make a complaint.