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Three decisive factors for the purchase of low flame gas range
- May 17, 2018 -

When you buy a gas stove, you will certainly know in advance what the brand of this industry is, what brand professional is better, the most important thing is to choose a gas stove suitable for your own home. The beauty and function of the low flame gas stove can meet all the fantasy of the gas stove.

First eye: start from the color value

As a star tribe, Ms. Zhang said that the color of the low flame stove is very high. After seeing it, the shape of this high color gas stove is deeply impressed.

The low flame stove used the black tempered glass panel, the overall visual effect is extraordinary, neither out nor flat, rather connotations, but it will not appear dull, and the light maturing temperament of Ms. Zhang is very compatible, but also with the light color of the city of Ms. Zhang's decoration style.

Speaking of the glass panel of Fire King's low flame stove, Ms. Zhang said that she was a single woman. In fact, she paid great attention to the safety performance. Before deciding to buy a gas stove, she had a special consultation of family and boudoir. In hearing a variety of gas stove explosions, it felt a cool back. It felt that buying a good brand of gas stove was the only one. One choice, and after a lot of contrast, choose the king of fire, that is because the fire king low flame stove used four explosion-proof panel material, over the years the quality of the king of fire is also praise, it is based on these good reputation, Zhang from the ten top gas range brand list of the king of fire.

Second eyes: super low flame blue flame, super stunning

In the process of salesman demonstrating the low flame range of the fire king, Miss Zhang was stunning by the super low blue flame of the fire king's low flame range.

The visual impact of the low flame stove of King fire to Ms Zhang was great. She said she had never seen any gas stove that could spray so pure blue, that pure blue flame was burning forcefully and steadily. Ms. Zhang added that the blue flame is the result of the complete combustion of gas and is also a standard for the efficiency of a gas cooker.

The most surprising is the "low flame" of the low flame stove. According to Ms. Zhang, the king of fire is the only kitchen and electric company that can control the low flame in 15.5mm, and has been firmly taking gas cooker as the core.

It is precisely because of the low flame internal combustion technology of the king of fire that it effectively improves the dispersion of flame heat and radiation around the body and pots. The super low blue flame flame accumulation in the low flame stove of King fire is 15.5mm, so that every flare can fully contact the bottom of the pot, the heat load is above 4.5KW, the thermal efficiency is above 66%, the heat efficiency is improved, the cooking time is shortened, and the gas saving is time saving.

Third eyes: quick cooking, time saving

In the modern and fast pace of life, many office workers usually come home early, don't take time to eat. The first period of time is called "the stomach of the first batch of 90s has collapsed". Once the article is issued, many people resonate. Most of the young people say that they are really not young enough to treat their own stomach well. . With the attention of hair loss, the awareness of the stomach has finally aroused the attention of everyone, one side is the awakening of the awareness of the stomach, and the other side is the reality of busy helplessness.

Ms. Zhang said she spent a long time in her new home decorating for a long time. Go home early every day, have been integrated with the fast pace of contemporary life, breakfast in a hurry, lunch at the point of a takeout, dinner can go home to do a simple meal, simple meal, although it is done time, but still less time to do more delicious food. Every time she ate a meal with poor taste, Mrs. Zhang slowly outlined her ideal gas cooker.

Only love and food can not be betrayed. A large firepower, convenient and clean, fast cooking, save energy and save energy, you have no reason not to buy it.