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The need to pay special attention to buy gas hob
- May 17, 2018 -

Choosing a good gas stove is what every family hopes. A good gas cooker makes cooking a lot easier. It is one of the indispensable appliances for every family. But when buying, many people tend to ignore the after-sale service.

Many brands do not pay attention to after-sales service, imagine, if there is a more convenient, more reliable, more reasonable charge, service better after-sales service channels, consumers will go online to search "guerrilla", is deceived?

However, not all kitchen brands are indifferent to after-sale services. Relatively speaking, the after-sales service of big brands is more secure. For example, an old customer of fire king once said: "a few years ago, home decoration, buy a fire king gas stove, has been used now. During the use of a tempering situation, I do not understand, only to contact with after sale, the morning just finished, the afternoon the king's staff on the door to repair. At the time of maintenance, the performance of the master is also very professional, not only the initiative to show the documents but also self matching shoes, the side check also to use a period of time to clean up the fire holes. When you leave, you don't forget to take away the garbage. To tell the truth, I have used other brands of gas cooker, but whether it is from the size of fire, energy saving performance or safety, the king's gas stove is very good, not only good quality, after-sales service is also very timely and meticulous, so people are very relieved.

It is understood that at present, most of the three package of brand gas cooker is one year for the whole machine, the main component is three years, and the three package of fire king gas stove is five years (including all parts and main parts), which is far higher than the national standard. It is one of the brands that provide free service time and the most service items in the industry. In order to see the fire king's confidence in the quality of its gas cooker products.

So when we buy gas stoves, we should consider the after-sale service besides the price. After all, it is not for a time, but for many years. For more information, please refer to the above.