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The hood does not work well and requires deep cleaning
- May 17, 2018 -

Today, we hand over to everyone a little trick to clean the hood. Before cleaning, we must do enough work from a small place. For oil tanks with relatively high cleaning frequency, it is necessary to empty the collected waste oil, put a small amount of detergent or sprinkle a layer of soap powder in the box in time, and inject a small amount of tap water. The waste oil will float on the surface of the water, and it can be directly drained when cleaning, saving a lot of time. Of course, the user can also put a slightly smaller collection box or collection bag inside the oil storage box. Such boxes can be made by themselves.

For the hood fan, it is recommended to use a net oil cleaning, you can also use detergent and vinegar mixture cleaning. The use of pressure cooker steam cleaning method is also easy to save, that is, the pot of water heating, when there is continuous discharge of steam, use chopsticks and the like to press the pressure valve side, so that the steam out of the water column directly on the fan, this When the range hood is turned on, the oil can be easily removed during the rotation of the fan blade, which results in less effort.

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