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How many liters of gas water heater are suitable for household kitchen and toilet
- May 17, 2018 -

Kitchen and gas water heaters do not store water, so the number of water heaters can not be compared with the number of water heaters.

If a scientific and rigorous formula is used, the "rise" of the kitchen and toilet gas water heater is the hot water flow per minute. This flow is equal to (delta T25 C / X flow) Y setting temperature, which is certainly not very easy to understand. We can simply understand the amount of hot water that meets the corresponding conditions per minute. So we can roughly think that 16 liters of the kitchen and guard gas water heater can provide us with 40 liters of hot water heaters for 40 minutes in 2.5 minutes.

How many liters of domestic kitchen and toilet gas water heater are suitable

If you don't want to let me make this number a little more simple: a family with two toilets and a kitchen usually uses 11 liters of kitchen and kitchen gas water heater. But according to different conditions, it is a 16 liter of insurance.

First of all, the size of kitchen gas water heater is related to the number of family members. The more people, the greater the opportunity to use hot water at the same time. At the same time, the use of hot water requires that the kitchen gas water heater can provide a large amount of water in a short time, and the heating speed should be fast.

Secondly, the number of toilets has a direct impact on this standard. There are plenty of toilets, and the opportunity to use water at the same time is big. If it's double guard, use 14 liters of kitchen gas water heater. If the compound or bathroom is more than three or four, we should choose 16 liters and above, such as 20 liters, 24 liters and 32 liters of water heater. In this kind of large number of water heaters, the energy rate and full do are excellent.

Another important parameter is the distance between kitchen and gas water heater and water location. The farther the distance is, the greater the number of liters is. Because there will be a lot of heat loss in the process of water transportation, this loss also needs faster heating to make up for it.

Do you have a bathtub at your home? If you like bath, the number of kitchen gas heater will increase. Because you may need to put a lot of hot water into the bathtub in a short time.  Of course, if you like to shower, then the sprinkler only needs 6-8 litres of water per minute to make you feel comfortable. If there is a need for water at the same time, the amount of water will have to be accumulated.

In addition to the above reasons, the season of your use of water heaters and the requirement of your hot water temperature also affect this "liter". A hot bath in the cold northeast and hot water in Guangdong need a lot of bath water. The gas they need will not be the same, of course.

The number of kitchen gas heaters needed will not rise as well.

To sum up, our region belongs to the north, and the temperature and water temperature are low in winter. In general, one kitchen and one guard are not single, so that 11 or more kitchen and gas water heaters will be used, and one kitchen and two guards can well use 14 or more kitchen and gas water heaters.