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Hood use and maintenance
- May 17, 2018 -

When the user is using, pay attention to cleaning, all the day in the kitchen is the fumes of the problem, there must be oily oil fumes, because the oil pollution problem is generally difficult to handle, clean the oil when the use of cleaning mainly use some alkaline cleaning Agent, can not be used in the cleaning of the steel ball, because the surface of the hood will cause scratches, reducing the service life, while reducing the appearance of beauty, when cleaning the surface of the hood oil can use a towel gently wipe, remove the surface Oil pollution, the most important power failure, it will not be bad if there is no accident, ventilators, oil collection boxes, shell cavities and other surfaces and cleaning filters, shells, smoke hoods, impellers and other components are these Can use the cleaning agent for cleaning, cleaning with a dry rag to wipe, regular cleaning will increase the life of the hood. Good hoods require good management to use for a long time.