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Gas hob there are several ways to enter the wind What are the characteristics
- May 17, 2018 -

Down wind: as the name implies, the air enters from the bottom of the gas stove. In fact, the air inlet is the most suitable way for the gas burner to burn. After the gas is ejected from the nozzle, the air is ejected to a certain amount of air at the air door and mixed in the mixed tube. The air is called the air at this time, in fact it comes in from the air door. The wind is going down. However, these air support combustion is far from enough, and other air intake modes are needed.

Upward wind: the upward wind, when the flame burns, draws air from the gap between the table and the pan, and the general upper air cooker is used at the same time with the lower inlet air. At this time, the two air which only needs a part of the upper air is sufficient, so the burning is full, and the yellow fire will not appear, even if the fire is full. It appears, we can adjust the wind gate to solve it. But now the domestic gas cooker embedded cooker is more popular, and the embedded cooker limits the entry of the lower inlet, the cabinet is the cabinet below the table, the cabinet is usually closed, so the burning of the embedded gas stove is not enough. In fact, the way of handling is also very simple. The cabinet at the bottom of the gas cooker can play several circular holes in the right way to facilitate the entry of air, which can be solved at this time.

But many friends do not want to have the original well - made cabinet, in fact, the disinfector installed under the gas stove, so that the air to leave the space, can also be a good solution.

At the same time, kitchen cooker designers have also invented the complete upper air stove, that is, the kitchen stove that does not need the wind gate, making the complete draw two times air, is also good, but at present the kitchen appliances price is high, but it must be the general trend in the future.

Demonstration of side wind on the side of embedded cooker

Side wind: there is a ventilation hole behind the table or embedded stove. When the gas burns, the air can be drawn from the back, and the air is drawn from it. It also avoids the embarrassment that most owners do not want to punch in the cupboard. It also solves a big problem, but the embedded cooker is thinner because of the panel. The side wind will undoubtedly increase the thickness of the panel, making it difficult for people to operate. So there are not many cookers with side wind at present.

The above gas cooker has several kinds of characteristics of the air intake has been introduced to you to analyze the details, I hope you can keep your mind in mind. At present, several main modes of intake air intake are: upward wind + downward wind, upward wind + near wind, upward wind + downward air + near wind and complete upper air, and complete premixed air combustion with infrared focus.