Water Heater with LED Temperature Display

Water Heater with LED Temperature Display

Model: JSQ26-W13-B
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Rated Heat Load: 26/32kW
Rated Capacity Of Hot Water: 13/16kg/min

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Water Heater with LED Temperature Display


Model: JSQ26-W13-B


Gas Type: LPG/NG

Rated Heat Load: 26/32kW

Rated Capacity Of Hot Water: 13/16kg/min

Air Exhaust: Forcibly Exhaust/balanced type

Ignition: Water Controlled Automatic Pulse Ignition

Hydraulic Pressure: 0.02-0.7Mpa

Product Size: 580×345×125mm(13)



Water heater with LED temperature display

Perfect security protection measures.

1) Flame out protection:

It is equipped with a highly sensitive IC ion sensing device that can quickly cut off the gas source and prevent the gas from leaking when the flame out occurs.

2) Anti-dry protection:

When the water heater is dry, the gas valve will automatically shut down immediately.

3) Anti-overheating safety device:

When the inlet pressure is too low or the flow rate is too small, it is easy to cause a excessive temperature to the hot water. At this time, the device operates and the water heater stops working.

4) Excessive air pressure or flue plug protection device:

When the outdoor air pressure is too large or the flue gas is blocked. The water heater will automatically stop working when the flue gas cannot be discharged to the outside.

5) 20-minute timed shutdown function:

Automatically shut down after 20 minutes of continuous use, to remind you to pay attention to ventilation. If you want to use continuously, to close the water valve and then reopen it is ok.

6) High water pressure protection:

When the water pressure is too high, the safety valve will open automatically and the water pressure will be discharged.

7) Anti-freeze protection:

When the outdoor temperature ≤ 0 °C, it will discharge the remaining water in the machine to avoid freezing and cracking to the water heater.

8) Prevent leakage and electric shock protection:

When the machine leaks accidentally, the device can cut off the power within 0.1 second to ensure the safety of the person and the machine.

9) High wind pressure resistance performance:

It can be used normally during the windy season. It is 2-3 times of the wind resistance of ordinary models.

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