Built in Gas Hob

Built in Gas Hob

Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ01/S
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Heating Load: 4.0kW
Heating efficiency: 63%

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Product Details

Built In Gas Hob


Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ01/S

Gas Type: LPG/NG

Heating Load: 4.0kW

Heating efficiency: 63%

Burner: Single Spiral Flame

Ways of Wind: Full Air Inlet

Safety Devices: Thermoelectric Automatic Flame Failure

Product Size: 720×400×150mm

Hole Size: 670×350mm R30


The classification of gas hobs (according to the installation method):

· Built in: can be embedded in the cabinet (start with the letter Q, such as Q, QN, QJ), generally equipped with a stove foot, can be used as a desktop stove.

· Desktop: Can only be used on the cooktop (start with the letter H, such as H10, HZ, HC)


The embedded cabinet is made into a concave shape, which can put a built in gas hob into it. The gas hob panel and the countertop of the cabinet form a plane. HIONE built in gas hob can be divided into two kinds according to the panel material of stainless steel and glass. HIONE built in gas hob is beautiful, space-saving and easy to clean. With the built in gas hob, the kitchen is more harmonious and complete, and it is more convenient for supporting design with other kitchen utensils to create a perfect kitchen environment. Therefore, it is popular with consumers and many families. HIONE built in gas hob, your best choice for cooking.    


1. Built in gas hob, the kitchen is more harmonious and complete

2. Single spiral flame, Efficient, good energy gathering effect

* Thermal efficiency up to 63%

* 4.0kw large firepower

* Single spiral flame, with a large combustion area and a good energy gathering effect,  reduce waste and loss of heat

* Low CO emissions


3. Synchronous ignition

Can loosen fingers without waiting when the flame combust

Packing and Weight:


Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ01/S

Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)

Container Loading (pcs)




Directions to turn off the gas hob by the right way

Touch type: Press “On Button” for 3 seconds, flame goes off.

Knob type: Turn gas knob clockwise to “Off” position, flame goes off.

After using, master valve of gas source shall be turned off.

FQA (Questions and Answers)

Q: What is your main product line is made?
A: We specialize in Gas Hob, Range Hood, Gas Water Heater, Electric water heater, Integrated Cooker, Disinfection Cabinet, Steam Oven, Steam Oven, Gas Boiler.


Q: What are your market reach throughout the region?    
A: Our markets around the world in every corner. we have rich experience in foreign trade, we have established long-term and stable relationship with every country buyers, producers and distributors who worked with.


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