High Efficiency Gas Hob

High Efficiency Gas Hob

Model: JZ(Y.T)-1QA/B
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Heating Load: 4.2kW/4.2kW
Heating Efficiency: 63%
Burner: Long-short Flame

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High Efficiency Gas Hob

Kitchen Gas Stove


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1.1QA-B (3)




Gas Type:


Heating Load:


Heating Efficiency:



Long-short Flame

Ways of Wind:

Full Air Inlet

Safety Devices:

Thermoelectric Automatic Flame Failure

Product Size:


Hole Size:

270×410mm R30

HIONE gas hob, your best choice. Thanks to high power flame technology, you can enjoy faster, more efficient cooking experience. With high power flame technology, HIONE gas hob specially designed to reduce cooking time and save energy.HIONE does not produce gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.0KW. Focus on effective firepower, HIONE continues to surpass and continue to break through. The domestic gas cooker with an effective firepower of 3.0 or above is the new standard for HIONE. For this purpose, HIONE will gradually eliminate gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.5 KW. We committed to providing a high quality cooking experience for modern families all over the world.


1. Large firepower, (heating load ≥ 4.2KW)

The flame is divided into inner flame and outer flame, the outer flame temperature is high.

* The low flame makes the high temperature outer flame directly touch the bottom of the pot.

* Spinning fire increases the residence time and contact area of the flame at the bottom of the pot, so that the heat energy can be fully absorbed, and the heating load is effectively improved.

2. Save gas and save money (thermal efficiency ≥63%)

This gas hob fires at a 45° cut angle. The flame rotates up which improves the secondary air replenishment capacity. The gas combustion are more fully which improves the thermal efficiency effectively and achieves the first-grade energy efficiency standard.


COMPANY PROFILE                         



found in 1992, we are a global top gas appliance supplier and service customers 

all over the world!

    We try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

    HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which 

includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover 

HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent 

intellectual, property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

    Being familiar with different country's national conditions and public sentiment 

HIONE pays high attention to quality and always adhere to promote the creation 

of high quality, efficient, energy saving appliances to the consumers.


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Directions to clean a gas hob:

After using, valve of the gas hob and master valve of gas source shall be turned off. The surface of the gas hob shall be often cleaned with general dish washer or laundry powder. Please do not clean the gas hob with strong corrosive liquids, gasoline or other flammable liquids. After using for a while, take off fire lid and clean fire holes with soft brush in order to assure unblocked fire holes and normal flame combustion.

FQA (Questions and Answers)

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a factory. Design and produce all gas hobs by ourselves.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China. You can fly to GuangZhou BaiYun airport first and then by taxi or we can pick you up on GuangZhou BaiYun airport.
Warmly welcome to visit us!

Q: What are the advantages of gas hobs compared to electric hobs?

A: Energy Efficient

The instantaneous nature of gas hobs helps you cut back on heat emissions and energy usage. Unlike electric hobs, there is no need to wait for the hob to heat up before you begin cooking. When it comes time to turn off the hob, the appliances turns off as soon as you turn the dial. It does not take time to cool down, emitting far less heat than other types of hobs.

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