Two Burner Gas Hob

Two Burner Gas Hob

Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ01/B
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Heating Load: 4.0kW
Heating efficiency: 63%

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Product Details

Two Burner Gas Hob


Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ01/B

Gas Type: LPG/NG

Heating Load: 4.0kW

Heating efficiency: 63%

Burner: Long-short Flame

Ways of Wind: Full Air Inlet

Safety Devices: Thermoelectric Automatic Flame Failure

Product Size: 760×420×150mm

Hole Size: 670×350mm R30


The classification of gas hobs (according to the number of burners):

According to the number of burners, gas hob is divided into single hob, double hob and multi burner hob. Most of HIONE gas hob are two burners gas hob which enable you can cook two dishes at the same time.


1. Tempered glass with 2 burners:

Look great and can cook 2 course at the same time.

2. Cleaning function:

The soup and foreign matters are diverted directly to the liquid tray and does not enter the interior of the burner

3. Fixed nut + waterproof cap:

multiple protection, prevent soup from infiltrating inside of the gas hob


Packing and Weight:



Packing Dimension (Length*Width*Height) (mm)

Gross Weight (kg)

Net Weight (kg)

Container Loading (pcs)



Directions to make throttle adjustment for the gas hob

Gas hobs burn blue if the ratio of fuel to air is correct. When the gas hobs is hissing, sputtering, or burning a yellow burner flame, that is a symptom that the burner is not getting enough air for complete combustion of the gas. Correcting this problem involves adjusting the throttle to admit more air. With motivated wind burner, there is no throttle adjustment structure for motivated wind stove series.


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