Gas Hob Cooking

Gas Hob Cooking

Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ02/S
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Heating Load: 4.0kW
Heating efficiency: 63%

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Gas Hob Cooking

Kitchen Gas Stove


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Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QJ02/S

Gas Type: LPG/NG

Heating Load: 4.0kW

Heating efficiency: 63%

Burner: Double Spiral Flame

Ways of Wind: Full Air Inlet

Safety Devices: Thermoelectric Automatic Flame Failure

Product Size: 740×420×150mm

Hole Size: 670×350mm R30



* 8 point positioning

the nut make the valve body, shell, panel as a whole link into a rigid structure, strong and safe, easy to disassemble and maintain.

* Non-level air door adjustment:

Air input can be precisely adjusted according to gas quality and change in air pressure. Air doors of general gas appliances are adjusted by level, but ours can be finely adjusted. Non-level air door adjustment is realized. The gas hob can be automatically locked at optimal combustion status.

* Stable flame passage:

Under air outlet of small fire lid, there is a special gas passage facing spark electrode. Faster fire transmission assures 100% successful ignition. When there is external influence, stable flame slot can realize fast fire transmission. The fire in certain holes, which is blown out by wind, can combust again. Flame stability can be assured.

* Fixing nuts:

Panel and shell are fixed with fixing nuts. Among 4 location spots, 2 spots are located on valve body. Special materials and waterproof ring are adopted for valve. Corrosion caused by liquid to gas hob inside can be prevented.


COMPANY PROFILE                         



found in 1992, we are a global top gas appliance supplier and service customers 

all over the world!

    We try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

    HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which 

includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover 

HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent 

intellectual, property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

    Being familiar with different country's national conditions and public sentiment 

HIONE pays high attention to quality and always adhere to promote the creation 

of high quality, efficient, energy saving appliances to the consumers.


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FQA (Questions and Answers)

What’s your advantages about quality control?

The first enterprise which passed IS09000 International Quality Management System Certification in Chinese gas appliance industry.

HIONE has passed IS014001:2004 International Environmental Management System Certification.

Production License No.: XK21-007-01639

Executive Standard: GB16410-2014

CGC Product Certification

National Standard Product

Quality Liability Insurance

Quality Management System Certification


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