8MM Tempered Glass Gas Cooker

8MM Tempered Glass Gas Cooker

Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QND/B
Gas Type: LPG/NG
Heating Load: 4.0kW/4.5kW
Heating efficiency: 63%
Price: $50-120

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Stainless Steel Gas Cooker

Kitchen Gas Stove


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Model: JZ(Y.T)-2QND/B

Gas Type: LPG/NG

Heating Load: 4.0kW/4.5kW

Heating efficiency: 63%

Burner: Low Flame

Ways of Wind: Full Air Inlet

Safety Devices: Thermoelectric Automatic Flame Failure

Product Size: 760×440×150mm

Hole Size: 670×350mm R30


* Brushed stainless steel panel

Fashion brushed stainless steel panel, one body seamless stamping molding, easy to clean.

* Low flame: Flame height is only 15.5mm, pure outer flame contacts pan bottom, fully combustion, high heat load.

* Excellent quality:

Low flame hobs are the classic product done by the well-know experts in the kitchen appliance industry. Our designer kept on modify and enhance the product quality and functionality in the past 5 years. He have modified the burner for more than 200 times.

* High efficiency:

The heat low flame gas hobs is up to 4500W, thermal efficiency up to 63%, much higher than national standard.

* Energy-saving:

National patented low-flame technology, save 20% of gas expense.

* Environmentally friendly:

CO emission is only 0.0117%, much lower than national standard and industry average.

*Timing function:

Automatically cut off gas source at preset time.



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found in 1992, we are a global top gas appliance supplier and service customers 

all over the world!

    We try our best to send our top products to more places of the world.

    HIONE is a comprehensive high-end kitchen appliances manufacturers which 

includes independent research, production, sales and service capabilities. Moreover 

HIONE is one of the few export enterprises which has completely independent 

intellectual, property rights and its own kitchen appliance brand.

    Being familiar with different country's national conditions and public sentiment 

HIONE pays high attention to quality and always adhere to promote the creation 

of high quality, efficient, energy saving appliances to the consumers.


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We do not produce gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.0 KW, and gradually eliminate gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.5 KW.

All along, high-heat-load gas appliances often have low energy efficiency. Many cookers have to reduce heat load in pursuit of thermal efficiency and can only achieve medium-fire. HIONE's unique low-flame spinning technology achieves the golden ratio of oxygen for combustion, and makes full use of external flame heat to achieve high heat load and high energy efficiency. HIONE, who is committed to providing a high quality cooking experience for modern families, does not produce gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.0KW. Focus on effective firepower, HIONE continues to surpass and continue to break through. The domestic gas cooker with an effective firepower of 3.0 or above is the new standard for HIONE. For this purpose, HIONE will gradually eliminate gas hobs with a heat load less than 4.5 KW.

FQA (Questions and Answers)

Q: Is there a simple index to judge the cooking effect of a gas hob?

A: Yes, the answer is effective firepower.

Effective fire power = Rated heat load X Gas hob heat efficiency

Example: section A gas hob rated load 3.5KW, thermal efficiency 68.5%

section A gas hob effective firepower = 3.5X68.5% = 2.97


Example: section B Cooker rated load 4.5KW, thermal efficiency 66%

section B gas hob effective firepower = 4.5X66% = 2.97

Therefore, the gas hob want to be fierce fire. First, it must have a high rated heat load, and the second must have a high thermal efficiency.


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