Embedded Disinfection Cabinet

Embedded Disinfection Cabinet

Model: ZTD100H Black Glass B
Capacity: 100L
Rated Voltage: AC220/50Hz
Power Supply: 320W

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Product Details

Embedded Disinfection Cabinet


Model: ZTD100H Black Glass B

Capacity: 100L  

Rated Voltage: AC220/50Hz

Power Supply: 320W

Product Size: 600×435×635mm

Installation Size(Embed): 605×550×640mm

Installation Size(External): 565×530×590mm


1.Intelligent Touch Screen, LED Display

High sensitivity, high stability and easy operation.

2.Elegant Appearance

Panel is very good looking , represents the modernity.

3.Multifunctional Disinfection

Combine with ultraviolet ray and ozone sterilize and drying function.

4.External Rails Design

Effectively prevent the rail grease contamination of the sterilization chamber and bowl Stands shaking. When the disinfection cabinet door is opened, it will cut off the power supply automatically to avoid ozone leakage.

5.Intelligent Control and Automatic Door Lock Device

Can prevent accidental leakage of ozone and ultraviolet light.

6.Child lock function, Safe Assurance

For a family have children of 1-12 years old, child lock function is a great protection of children. With this design, it can prevent accidents.

7.Two Stars Disinfection Cabinet, Disinfection More Thorough

Compare with one star disinfection cabinet, disinfection effect of two stars disinfection cabinet is more thorough. Can effectively kill hepatitis B virus, poliovirus virus, staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and other viruses.

8.Embedded Design

The embedded disinfection cabinet follow the new concept of integrated design of modern kitchen appliances .


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ZTD100H Black Glass B

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